Session Tips

What should we wear?

I want you to be feelin' yourself on the day of our session, so wear whatever puts you in that headspace- but here on some things to remember when planning your outfits:

-Movable clothes may allow you to be more comfortable with posing

-Use patterns sparingly

ex. if one of you is wearing plaid, maybe have the other wear a plainer shirt in one of the main colors within the plaid pattern- you'll match without blending into each other

-Take location into consideration

ex. if a wooded backtrop is expected, maybe choose an outfit with less patterns/prints so you two stick out against the busy background

Locations can be a BIG factor:

I love outdoor photography (& hope this may have been a deciding factor for you in choosing me). Want to go on a 5+ mile hike for your session? Lets GO! But here are some things to keep in mind:


-Did it rain/snow recently? An extra pair of shoes for the trek to and from the shoot might prevent the shoes you want in the pictures getting dirty


-An extra jacket for cooler weather shoots might be a good idea to have, you can always pop it on in between poses


-I like to shoot in the element. If its a rocky place, let's have fun with it and get climbing, but remember how certain clothes can limit these movements 

I want to be a resource:

Have a specific outfit you want to wear but don't know where to start with your man's? Shoot me a text! I'll do my best to suggest colors that may work well together. 

I want you and your guy to view me as a friend in this process. Feel free to message me about any questions you have.


All of these suggestions are just that. YOU have the final say in what you two wear, this is merely a resource for you. Take it or leave it. I want the shoot to be a reflection of the relationship we're celebrating!

What to expect with posing:

I want this session to be fun for you, but I also want it to be a representation of your love- steam included. I ask couples to kiss frequently, but not right at the start, I want both of you comfortable first! Not wanting to smooch? just let me know. You're the boss.


Pretend I'm not there! I want images to come back authentic and not obviously posed. Feeling awkward? Let me know and we can take a breath together- I always have nerves! Sometimes I'll play my or your favorite music to take the edge off. 

I think on the fly. I might pause in between shots. This is not because you're not doing well. I may just be trying to formulate words to keep up with my ideas.


Sometimes I can't figure out how to describe the pose I'm thinking of and will demonstrate on you or your partner for the other to see. I won't leave you hanging if you're confused.