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The Adventurer's Subscription Box from Heaven

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Nearly all of the epic views and landscapes we've had the blessing of hiking have started out as a mere image on my cell phone screen. Sometimes I hate social media for its ability to suck us all away from reality, but in this case, I am overly grateful for it. I can truly say without Instagram, I may never had that initial spark in my gut to see Zion National Park- which eventually catapulted into the week long campervan expedition that still sets the pace for every vacation we've taken since.

I follow a countless number of outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts on Instagram. With each post I scroll by, my bucketlist grows a little bigger in size. Some may think its overkill, but the constant images of red rocks or alpine lakes fuel me to venture outside. This is the mission I hope to portray as I continue my own photography and hiking.

Another cool aspect of social media I've been exposed to as I've expanded my outdoor/adventure following are the brand pages. Just a few short years ago, I would've told you the outdoor market begins and ends with brands like Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops- this is coming from a girl raised by an avid camouflage-wearing, whitetail deer hunter and farmer.

There's nothing wrong with the bigger outdoor brands, either. I've got multiple pieces of clothing with their logos plastered across the chest for display. But what I've really grown to appreciate are the companies with mission statements centered around encouraging customers to explore and preserve nature themselves.

One of the coolest brands I've stumbled upon is

The Nomadik

This company provides a subscription box full of goodies that will make any outdoorsy person geek. Each month's delivery will feel like Christmas morning!

How does it work?

Signing up entitles you to 3-7 full-sized, premium products in each box- delivered straight to your doorstep.

Becoming a member also gives you access to discount codes for each brand found within the box!

Each box is has a theme, filled with cohesive gear to fuel and inspire your adventures.

Specific products are kept secret to prevent ruining the surprise! Categories centered upon include: gear, tools, accessories, food/energy, educational (travel tips, survival guides) Follow along on IG (@thenomadik) for some hints at each month's gear.

The box provides a full list of products inside, tips for your outdoor adventure, and a Nomadik challenge- encouraging members to get outside and show their new gear in use for the chance to win more gear for FREE!

Pricing & Payment Options:

1 Month $32.95/billed and delivered monthly

6 Months (most popular) $31.25/monthly *$187.50 billed twice a year, delivered monthly BEST VALUE 12 Months $29.99/monthly *$359.88 billed once a year, delivered monthly

It's Easy & Flexible- You can skip any month, pay for what ships, and cancel anytime- without fees or contracts!

When to Expect Your Box:

Boxes are shipped the 24th-27th of each month. Purchases made before the 14th will receive that month's box.


Returns are easy. Get a full refund by returning the box with products in original condition. Just make sure to notify them within 2 weeks of receiving the box with your reasoning.

If you have a concern or question, you can email them at

Want to Feel Special?

*After ordering, complete your profile to customize your own boxes-totally curated to your outdoor/adventure style!

Shop the Site:

Missed a perfect box that was released before you became a member or not ready to fully commit? No worries. The Nomadik website has a shop available to snag single boxes or individual products of your choosing.

My First Box Experience:

Right off the bat, I opened the box and went for the little brochure to read about the individual products. I truly laughed out loud as I read the title, 'Don't Wait To Hydrate.' If you know anything about me, you know how sensitive my body is to dehydration. Colton is constantly reminding me to hydrate during hikes, so this first delivery could not have been more fitting- and I didn't even customize it!

The brochure offered 5 simple tips to keeping hydrated that anyone can implement on the trail:

1. 5 variables to apply when deciding how much water to bring on the hike: length, energy exerted, climate, weather, and altitude

(I like how they specified the liquid as water. Some people get amped up for strenuous hikes with energy drinks or a trip through Starbucks for a few shots of espresso. Caffeine is NOT the way to go, it actually dehydrates the body!)

2. Use electrolytes on the trail to refuel

3. Keep water sources accessible for drinking throughout the hike instead of guzzling a large amount at one time

(I am guilty of this at times! Instead of listening to my body when it tells me I'm thirsty, I wait until Colton wants to stop before I take a swig. Then I over drink and feel weighed down as the liquid sloshes around in my stomach. Water bladders are SO helpful for this. When the nozzle is accessible at all times, you can drink on the go!)

4. Stay hydrated regardless of the weather

(Most people's first thought goes to hot, summer adventures, but that's not what the tip was about. When you're hiking in cold climates, you're still exerting energy and depleting fuel the body needs. They offered the tip of putting warmer water into a thermal mug or bladder as a way of helping your body stay fueled and warm simultaneously. I've never tried this before!)

5. Your body is unique

(This tip was about comparing your own hydration needs to someone else. I'm guilty of this when it comes to hiking with Colton. I assume I should drink way less than him since he's so much larger of a human. In truth, because my body is more sensitive to dehydration than his, he shouldn't be a factor at all. Not something I've given much thought to before!)

My favorite product from the 'Don't Wait To Hydrate' box has got to be the HydraPak Collapsible 1 liter water bottle.

As someone who relentlessly packs a bag for any length of hike (always prepared for the unknown), this water bottle's ability to collapse is essential. And being a clumsy girl who constantly drops and spills things, the spill-proof nozzle is seriously the cherry on top.

The HydraPak fit perfectly into Colton's hiking pants pocket too, giving him constant access to replenish his body throughout this hike in the woods.

Hubs makes for a great model if I do say so myself...

What else was in this box?

-Mizu Straw Bundle

Reusable, stainless steel straws with flexible, silicone tips to prevent your lips from ever getting cold from a refreshing gulp of ice cold water. A handy cleaning brush was also provided, fitting perfectly right down each straw.

-HydraLyte Powder Sticks

Gatorade has nothing on these! Just 1 all-natural stick per 7 oz of liquid provides 4x the amount of electrolytes and 1/4 of the sugar.

-Bottle Bright

Primitive camping in the backcountry is no match for this powerful little tablet. All you have to do is drop this tablet in the water of your toughest-to-clean bottles, no soap, scrubbing, or sink necessary. How cool?! They're also natural and biodegradable!

-Minaret Mtn Thermal Mug

Keep your warm drinks warm for up to 12 hours and your cold drinks cold for 24! Made with professional grade stainless steel, spill proof, and insulted, this has become my mug of choice. It also has a slow flow so I never run the risk of burning my tongue- how thoughtful are they?!

Final Thoughts:

This box excited me, but not just because I was getting a package in the mail full of surprises. What I like best about opening the box of all my new outdoor-themed gear was that it made me immediately want to be there- outdoors. I instantly wanted to try each item out for myself. I felt inspired by The Nomadik Challenge. I wanted to get off the couch, grab Colton, and see what new equipment we could add to our "go-to" list for adventures in the future.

I also really liked that The Nomadik box includes multiple different brands. In a saturated industry of outdoor brands, starting a hiking hobby seems intimidating and expensive. The Nomadik introduces the consumer to various brands as if to say, "Everyone is welcome." And as someone who wants her mission to be centered around encouraging all people to get out there and grow their appreciate for the great outdoors, I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for reading! Until next time...

"Travel far enough to meet yourself"

-David Mitchell

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